35+ Best Sports Fundraising Ideas to Help You Raise More

A night out can be almost anything and be just for parents or for students and their families. One of the easiest ways to plan this event is to partner with a local restaurant and sell tickets for a private dinner. Work with local stores or food suppliers to see if they can donate the supplies or at least provide them at a discount. That way, all of the ticket sales will go directly to the fundraiser. Then, your school hosts a yard sale, where you sell the items.
Volunteers then manned several lunch periods over two weeks and collected $1 per vote from students who wished to see their favorite staff member pucker up. Voting containers were displayed in the office, each one decorated with a photo of the staff member. Daily updates about the voting tallies were announced over the PA system to keep everyone excited. In the end, the principal and two wrestling coaches won the most votes and the chance to steal a smooch from the pig on Valentine’s Day. Apparently, the pig played hard to get; one of the coaches had to chase it around to get his kiss.
You could also encourage parents to preorder packets of tickets ahead of time online; just portion out the tickets, label them with the students’ names, and you’re good to go. Set your raffle ticket price based on your ultimate fundraising goal. Have your students reach out to local businesses in advance to get sponsorships for the event and help raise more money. Raise money by offering the skills and services of your students to the highest bidder.
On the day of the sale, set up tables to display the items and be sure you have volunteers to ensure the station is staffed. Print duplicate photos and post them around the school to share the fun memories and advertise your next fundraiser. Simply work with a local store or farm to buy apples, get a large container of some kind, and fill it with water and apples.
Most of the hard work comes at the beginning, so get yourself set up ahead of time, and then you can watch as your fundraiser profits start rolling in. Middle school football teaches kids how to play the game, good sportsmanship, and most importantly how to have fun playing the game. When kids play just to have fun that is when you know that they are doing this just because they want to. But when they put pressure on themselves, or even parents or coaches, the game isn’t fun anymore.
Have students model their clothing or accessories to boost brand awareness and charge a set amount for tickets to attend. fundraising schools , food and drink vendors, and some social media buzz can get people excited to participate for a night away from studying. Raffle off some online magic lessons or other creative raffle prizes for this audience of youngsters.