Crowdfunding For Nonprofit Organizations: Top 7 Platforms

People around the world tune in to the annual extravaganza that is NCAA March Madness. Capitalize on March Madness’s popularity by creating a basketball bracket fundraiser. Encourage a corporate partner to allow employees to dress down on Fridays for a good cause.
Pricing and fees are another important aspect of selecting an online fundraising platform. It’s essential to consider the platform’s pricing structure and any additional fees that may apply, such as payment processing fees. Some platforms may have a flat fee for using their services, while others may charge a small percentage of each donation. We recommend researching each platform’s fees and pricing structure beforehand to ensure you’re selecting the most cost-effective option for your nonprofit.
A regular FundRazr crowdfunding campaign — whether it be for a personal cause or a nonprofit — is free aside from the 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction taken out in payment processing fees. Like GoFundMe and other cause-oriented crowdfunding platforms, FundRazr eliminated its platform fee. If you want a higher level of features and support, FundRazr offers a Standard plan and a Pro plan with advanced professional tools, much like Mightycause. Most online fundraising platforms will allow your charities and fundraisers to accept monthly donations from supporters. Monthly giving is a great way for nonprofits to receive recurring support, making it an essential feature to look for in online fundraising platforms. Platforms that incorporate monthly giving typically offer support options to help organizations manage the recurring payment processing and donor retention efforts.
Users can create a customized fundraising page with simple steps communicating their mission, goals, and impact. Causes, in addition to integrating with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, also serves as a social media platform in its own right, connecting people who have comparable interests. If a nonprofit better understands giving trends and donor behaviors, it’ll be able to run a more successful fundraiser. Classy provides reports on donor trends and campaign performance, among other takeaways. Whether your fundraising group is large or small, the GoFundMe team fundraising service allows you to boost your fundraising efforts. The team fundraising option allows the organizer to manage team members and inspire friendly competition through tracked donations.
You can make one-off or recurring donations to support Cybersmile’s work here. You can transfer any funds raised to Cybersmile through PayPal here. To add a donate button, you will need a PayPal account or other third party application where you can embed your link into the stream. For Twitch, we recommend PayPal where you can add a link to your PayPal.Me link, and accept donations directly from the stream. Explore below some of the ways in which you can fundraise for Cybersmile and support our work educating as well as supporting people of all ages around the world. Similar to birthdays, anniversaries and weddings are great opportunities to ask others to redirect their kindness and generosity in the form of donations in tribute.
UK charities pay a monthly subscription fee of £15 + VAT or £39 +VAT. Indiegogo is the best site for fundraising if you’re an entrepreneur or a creator looking to raise funds for a new project. Their main focus is on exciting tech innovations, creative works, design marketing, and social and community projects. Fundable’s Rewards-based model takes on an all-or-nothing attitude when collecting donations.
If Fundraising Site are considering a flexible funding campaign (because you suspect you might not meet your funding goal), make sure the higher platform fees don’t catch you off-guard. Many crowdfunding websites charge an additional processing fee that can range between 2% and 5% of each transaction. For personal causes, Facebook is largely hands-off, so it’s up to you to determine the legitimacy of the cause and whether recipients will spend the donation as you intended. “While I like the birthday fundraisers for nonprofits, I won’t donate to a personal fundraiser unless it’s for someone I know,” says Schieb. “There needs to be an element of trust, since Facebook isn’t verifying them.”