L-1 Visas Valid Longer than Petition, Avoiding Renewals

Make sure to speak with your immigration attorney to determine if your business qualifies for this visa. While other visas such as the H-1B allow you to be employed with any U.S. employer, the company sponsoring you for an L-1 visa must be a multinational company that either has or is planning to have a branch, subsidiary, or office in the U.S. Even though the L-1A allows for holders to work for up to seven years, this limit cannot be exceeded for any reason.
E-1 and E-2 visas are available to citizens of foreign countries that have a treaty of commerce and navigation, or a bilateral investment treaty providing for nonimmigrant entries, with the United States. An L-1B visa allows an employer to transfer an worker with specialized knowledge from an affiliated foreign office to the US. l-1b visa -1B worker with specialized knowledge must be employed by a parent, subsidiary, branch or affiliated company abroad in order to qualify, and be coming to perform services that involve specialized knowledge.
Before an SSN can be issued to you, the Social Security Administration must verify your nonimmigrant status with the Department of Homeland Security. It takes approximately 10 business days from the time you enter the United States for your entry data to be entered into DHS systems and made available for verification purposes. You may therefore wish to wait 10 business days after entry to file the application for an SSN, to minimize verification difficulties.
To work for a branch of the same employer or qualifying organization and provide specialized knowledge, you must be attempting to enter the United States to work for such a business. In addition, they are required to submit the professional credentials of the worker, proving that the employee is experienced in their industry and will be employed in the United States division of the firm. Once the Green Card process is initiated, an H1B visa holder may be able to extend their stay in the U.S. beyond the sixth year if the labor certification or I-140 has been pending for at least 365 days or an approved I-140 is retrogressed.
Filling out an online application is one of the application process requirements for all US visas, including the L1 visa. This form is available online and contains questions about your purpose for traveling to the US and helps the embassy decide on a visa. After submission of this form, the confirmation page and a number will appear you need to keep.
An additional $2,500 may be paid for premium processing, which will expedite the approval process for receiving the L1B visa. When Form I-129 is approved, the USCIS will send Form I-797, Notice of Action. This may include with it a notice to appear for an interview and a biometric services appointment.